Coming this Christmas

Tiny Christmas Trees

Do you enjoy festive flora on the winter solstice? Perhaps something of the evergreen variety? Do you find the standard models a bit… big? Well, this holiday season the Topsy Workshop has you covered with tiny Christmas trees, perfect for desk, shelf, or table. Our trees give you a tiny canvas to show the world how you feel about the long nights without giving up large amounts of living space. Express your hope for the return of the sun or celebrate the darkest time of the year. It’s your tree.

Tiny trees are handmade from felt with a solid wood base. They will be available in a variety of colors from pink to black. Decorations will also be produced, or you can make your own out of your favorite beads or whatever you like. Trees and decorations will be sold via our Etsy shop; trees first, decorations will follow. Stay tuned to get yours as soon as they are available. Quantities will be limited.